Biopharm presently has 4 lines of products. 3 of these resulted from discoveries made from research on the topical benefits of Nigella sativa oil, especially our proprietary Nigenol.

Nigella Dermaceuticals

The first line of products, Nigella Dermaceuticals, contains 5 products and utilizes compositions and uses of the oil based on our US patent # 7,722,906. 

Nigella OTC Products

The second line of products, Nigella topical OTC products, has 10 formulations, and is also based on our US patent. Each product utilizes a formula from a specific US FDA OTC drug monograph that is enhanced with a certain concentration of Nigenol. Adherence to the FDA published monographs allow for the use of medical claims on the label. 

Nigella Therapy

The third line of products, Nigella Therapy, was pioneered by Nigella Therapy LLC, a partly owned subsidiary of Biopharm, Inc. Nigella Therapy, is an upscale perfecting skin care brand that exclusively uses the highest grade of Nigenol®.  Nigella Therapy leverages more than 30 years of research experience on the topical benefits of Nigella sativa oil. Currently the line includes a day serum, a night serum, and 100% natural Nigenol oil. It is sold in the USA and in Malaysia.

Dietary Supplements

The fourth line of products, innovative dietary supplements/nutraceuticals, was developed based on the 8 most needed products to support a healthy lifestyle. Most of these products also have leading market shares in their respective category in the US.