About Biopharm

Biopharm Group, established in 1995, is headquartered in Virginia (Washington, DC area), USA. It has two member companies; Biopharm, Inc., and Biopharm R&D Corp. Ltd. In addition to its headquarters in the US, Biopharm has an office in Cairo, Egypt. The Group is partnered with an affiliated pharma manufacturing facility located in 6th of October City, Egypt. Biopharm is a diversified company with a unique portfolio of products, and services engaging in a multitude of healthcare and pharma activities in the US and other parts of the world especially countries of the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.

We own IP assets resulting from discoveries made from research that started more than 30 years ago on the oil extracted from the plant Nigella sativa (black seed).  This led to the development of therapeutic topical dermaceutical, and OTC products based on US patent # 7,722,906. The patent issued in 2010 describes the composition and unique topical benefits of the oil. We developed proprietary extraction techniques, and special equipment to extract two grades of the purest and most effective Nigella sativa oil, that we trademarked, Nigenol®. To date, we have developed 5 dermaceutical products. In addition, we developed formulations for 10 topical OTC indications. Each product utilizes a formula from a specific US FDA OTC drug monograph that is enhanced with a calculated concentration of Nigenol. Adherence to the FDA published monographs allow for the use of medical claims on the label. All our Nigella products are formulated with different concentrations of Nigenol®.

Biopharm, Inc., a US corporation, through its partly owned subsidiary, Nigella Therapy LLC, pioneered the development of Nigella Therapy, an upscale perfecting skin care brand that exclusively uses the highest grade of Nigenol.  Nigella Therapy leverages more than 30 years of research experience on the topical benefits of Nigella sativa oil. Currently the line includes a day serum, a night serum, and 100% natural Nigenol oil. It is sold in the USA and in Malaysia.
Biopharm, Inc. has developed an innovative line of dietary supplements/nutraceuticals that are manufactured at an FDA-inspected facility in the US, and presently are pending regulatory approvals in several countries of the MENA region.

Biopharm out-licenses the above IP assets to various partners worldwide. Many countries are still available for licensing opportunities.
Biopharm, Inc., through its own expertise as well as those of its partners engage in consulting projects in many diverse pharma and medical activities. Examples include companies wishing to do business in the USA or to utilize breakthrough innovations developed in the USA. In addition, companies wishing to set foot in the MENA region.

The Group holds special expertise in the pharma business of the MENA region, having built a GCC approved, ISO certified, and GMP compliant state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Egypt in 2008. This facility, owned by a partner company, welcomes companies seeking to produce solid, semisolid, or liquid dosage pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals at a cost-effective, efficient, and high quality site.
The Group also in-licenses unique medicinal and cosmetic products for distribution and marketing in the MENA region through its local partner in each country. Products from Austria, Spain, Brazil, and the USA are currently marketed or in the regulatory pipeline in several countries of the region.